Mitsubishi Electric Global

President’s Message

We, the Mitsubishi Electric Group, have been engaged in manufacturing businesses since 1921. Our purpose, and indeed our very reason to exist, has been to contribute to the realisation of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity. By once again reflecting on our reason for existence, I believe that all of us on the management team need to develop a strong commitment to reform in order to actually transform our awareness and behaviour. To this end, we will sincerely listen to various opinions from both inside and outside the company, and promote more active and transparent information disclosure and dialogue with stakeholders.

In response to some recent cases related to improper conduct of quality control, we will pursue reforms in three areas—quality assurance, organisational culture and governance—as a priority issue for management. At the same time, we will continue to achieve growth as we steadily follow our Medium-term Management Plan involving efforts to strengthen our business portfolio strategy, expand our integrated solutions and enhance our business foundation. By uniting all the capabilities inside and outside the Group and helping to address diversifying social challenges while engaging in initiatives for realising sustainability through all of our corporate activities, we are advancing a form of enhanced corporate value that emphasises the creation of both economic and social value.

"Changes for the Better" represents the Mitsubishi Electric Group's attitude to "always strive to achieve something better", as we continue to change and grow. Each one of us shares a strong will and passion to continuously aim for change, reinforcing our commitment to creating an even better tomorrow. We are determined to create and show you a new Mitsubishi Electric Group.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support going forwards.

Kei Uruma

Kei Uruma

President & CEO