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Public Systems

The scope of Mitsubishi Electric systems and solutions helping to improve peoples' quality of life is impressively broad. From superconducting magnets to public administration systems, large-scale visual information systems and water systems for the social infrastructure, our innovative technologies are providing benefits in wide-ranging areas of society.

NOTE: This website introduces products and systems sold in Japan; some products may not be available in certain markets outside Japan.

Product Line-up

Applied Superconductor Systems

Superconductivity is characterized by zero electrical resistance at very low temperatures. It enables efficient energy use in numerous fields by preventing energy loss, by producing a high magnetic field, and by facilitating the downsizing of equipment. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures various types of electric magnets that apply the superconductivity phenomenon, and strives to meet every customer's needs.

Superconducting Magnet for Scientific Research

Superconducting Magnet for Scientific Research

Photo: RIKEN An SRC (superconducting ring cyclotron) employing a powerful superconducting magnet manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric.

A superconducting magnet for generating a powerful magnetic field. Mitsubishi Electric has a successful track record gained from experience in many large research accelerator projects. We are applying our innovative, high-performance superconducting magnets to contribute to the world of scientific research into experimental high-energy physics and nuclear fusion.

Water Treatment Systems

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

Mitsubishi Electric produces cost-efficient ozone generation water treatment systems of various sizes and capacities for industrial applications and municipal government use. These systems generate ozone more efficiently using less electricity. The ozone is used to purify river water or waste water, eliminating bacteria that cause odour and colour, and creating safe, clean water for reuse.